I'm JohnEdwa (also known as Jonne Kuusela in some circles), a wannabe nerd born in 1990. I live in Finland, my main language is Finnish, and write and speak crappy English. (Also some basics of Japanese, woot) I spend most of my free time sitting in front of my computer, getting absolutely nothing done at all. Sometimes I can be found flying my micro helicopters, and my micro and mini quadcopters _next_ to my computer! Most of the time I'm online at IRCnet with the nick JohnEdwa, but you can also send me an email to JohnEdwa (at) gmail (dot) com, or leave a comment on my deviantART or Twitter pages.

This site.

Johnweb is my personal page where I might release stuff that I get done. Originally started in march 2004. The old version had almost 5k visitors when it was closed in may of 2006. Layout, colour-scheme and logo are similiar to the old version, but better. For example, I don't use frames anymore :P