Hiya and welcome to Johnweb! This is my personal site where I'll try to collect all kinds of things I've done over the years, a portfolio of sorts. Who knows, maybe I'll even start a blog one day.

26.08.15 -...Whew... Been a while.
Added Electronics page, changed and updated Images to Graphics.
25.12.11 -Released my third Classic Shell skin, clrSHARP3 Dual!
24.21.11 -Added the 'Stuff' section and tweaked the layout a little.
08.11.10 -Site moved! New urls are koti.mbnet.fi/johnedwa and johnweb.dy.fi
25.04.10 -New colour themes for the site, switch from the bottom right
24.04.10 -Added the Skins section and 2 skins to Classic Shell.
23.04.10 -Edited the layout.
03.01.10 -Added two new images.
28.05.09 -Layout should finally be finished.
06.05.09 -Converted from tables to divs. Valid XHTML and CSS3, yay!
04.05.09 -Tweaked some colours.
03.05.09 -Layout done, some content added.
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